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Cry Babies on the Airplane

I remember one of the all time great stories of inspiration to me. These passengers aboard an airplane were getting quite irritated with a crying baby that just would … not… stop. We’ve all experienced similar ‘crying’ babies in certain situations right? At the store or in a restaurant – it happens.

Well, the mother could not get the child to stop crying. All of the ‘Grandmas’ on the plane took their turns try and comfort the crying baby – without success. Finally, after almost an hour of nonstop crying – and passengers upset beyond belief – an old white haired gentleman, said, “Here. Let me try.” The white haired man took the baby into his arms and against his chest, the baby’s head just above his shoulder. He patted the baby’s back, whispering to the baby. Within minutes, the baby was asleep and the plane was quiet.

A woman came up and hugged the man and said, “Thank you for quieting the baby for all of us.” The white haired man looked at her and smiled, “My good woman,” he said. “I didn’t do it for you. I did it for the child.”

That man was none other than Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame!

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